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Curating conceptual imagery for artists to fully express their creativity. 


About me

Creating images is an artform I feel strongly connected to. I've been interested in ways photographers and DPs (Directors of Photography) elicit emotions with an understanding of strong storytelling. 

Over the years, I've been blessed to be surrounded by and a part of the process of several creatives. I prioritize respect, collaboration, and vulnerability to achieve our goals. 


During this experience we will unravel your ideas, plan, and focus on bringing out the layers of your world to create impactful imagery.


Check out the responses from real people.

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My name is Brice Blanchard. I’ve had the experience of working with Mac as a photographer. Working with him has been a fun experience he’s a such a visual person he actually visualizes things you say and make them come to life. His style and taste I’d say personally is very dope and creative. He’s spot on with the flics, from picture edits to the style of pictures he takes. I am definitely looking forward to working with him more on projects in the future.


Be a part of the process. Follow along and keep track of our photographs from clients and more. Click below.


Check out the Behind the Scenes to see my process and what it's like to work together.



hope to cross paths soon. send a message to set up a phone call.

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