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"Shooting with Mac and Jesus was great. I reached out and scheduled the shoot last second and we were still able to produce great results with professionalism. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to execute any kind of creative idea"


"Our photo session was very enjoyable. Mac had a vision and brought it to life. We were already friends before the shoot, which helped things flow smoothly and comfortably. When it came to getting the shots he was very professional about what he wanted, and was able to adapt to all of the surroundings. He knew what he was doing, and was time efficient. Overall it seemed like two friends catching up and having fun by getting creative with the camera"


"My name is Brice Blanchard. I’ve had the experience of working with Mac as a photographer. Working with him has been a fun experience he’s a such a visual person he actually visualizes things you say and make them come to life. His style and taste I’d say personally is very dope and creative. He’s spot on with the flics, from picture edits to the style of pictures he takes. I am definitely looking forward to working with him more on projects in the future"


"My name is Stefanny and I got a photoshoot with Mac. It was nice since we used a photo studio and had a lot space. He was nice with me and made feel so comfortable with myself during my photography session. I would like to say that this photographer has a lot of talent to show"


"My experience with Mac during photoshoots has been amazing. Hands down. I had my first photoshoot with him back in May of last year and man did he make my first experience a blast. He's so creative and charismatic, he has this vision when preparing for the photoshoots that you should never question cause I promise you will be in GREAT hands with Mac as your photographer. Very punctual, and comes
prepared with all his camera equipment. I know who to come to when I need a photoshoot done and that's Mac Gregor Velasco"

Jose G.

"Not only does Mac have great vision, he was extremely professional and easy to work with. He gives clear instruction and has great ideas and helps you to feel comfortable exploring new poses and getting creative collaboratively. Not only did he capture magic, he delivered amazing work quickly. I recommend anyone to book a shoot with Mac as he is cutting edge and has an amazing eye and is fun to work with. Shooting with him was a true good vibe"

Angelica R.

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