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Shooting an underwater theme photoshoot

Some time ago I had pitched this underwater theme idea to my new friend Angelica. Thankfully we were able to use a studio and a bunch of lighting fixtures so that's exactly what we did. This was one of the most complex setups I've shot in a while. The goal was to capture a feeling of being overwhelmed while having a visual style of a fragrance commercial. This shoot required a model, a second shooter, three light fixtures, 1 lamp soft box, 2 flags, 2 reflective wrap, 2 c-stands, 3 cameras, and 3 rolls of film. It sounds complicated but it wasn't. We had one light key our subject and the other two to bounce off the wrap into the backdrop. This is definitely one of the more experimental shoots and learned a lot about having minimal setup. What do you think? Do you think we pulled it off? Here are the results:

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